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Tips and Advice

Heating Tip #1: Close closet/cupboard doors

This seems simple and obvious, but it is surprising how many people don’t follow this simple rule when it comes to heating their homes. If your heating system has less surface area to heat, then your heating bills will go down. Just by closing closet and cupboard doors each time you open them, you can save about $30 per year on heating costs.

Heating Tip #2: Replace air filters

Replacing your air filters is one simple way to save money on heating bills this winter. A single air filter costs less than $3, and can provide up to a $30 savings per year. Dirty air filters reduce the efficiency of your heating equipment, making it harder for the unit to warm your house. Replacing the filters opens the airflow in your home and maximizes the efficiency of the unit. Usually, it takes just a few minutes to switch out a dirty filter for a new one. You can also use reusable filters for greater long-term savings. Simply wash the filters ever one to three months.

Heating Tip #3: Insulate water pipes

Water pipes can lose a significant amount of heat travelling from the water heater to the bathroom or kitchen. You can save money on heating energy by adding additional insulation to these pipes. Many hardware stores sell insulating pipe sleeves that are easy to slip over existing water pipes to provide additional insulation. Just adding this simple insulation to your pipes can help you save around £30 per year. Insulating all the water pipes in your house should cost less than $10.

Heating Tip #4: Run fans backwards

Did you know that your ceiling fans have both summer and winter modes? Summer mode circulates the air in the room, while winter mode focuses the air from the top of the ceiling down to the ground. This is ideal for re-circulating warm air inside a room without using additional energy to make more heat through your home heating system. Switching your fans to winter mode can save up to £60 per year. Most fans have a small switch next to the motor that is easy to move from season to season.

Heating Tip #5: Install quilted/thermal curtains

Windows are a large source of heat loss in any home. Cracks in windows and the poor insulating power of glass combines to lose a significant amount of heat from your home. You can prevent this loss by installing quilted curtains over your windows. You can make the curtains yourself, or purchase thick curtains from any curtain retailer. Using insulating curtains can save up to $60 per year on heating costs. Good quality double-glazing also works.

Heating Tip #6: Protect your outlets.

Insert foam rubber insulation pads under wall outlet and switch covers. Replace covers and push child-protection inserts into outlets to stop drafts.

Heating Tip #7: Apply caulking.

Apply weather stripping around windows. As an extra wind barrier, cover windows with plastic available at hardware and home stores.

Heating Tip #8: Stop the cold air.

Adhere weatherstripping around drafty exterior doors and attach insulating door sweeps to help block cold air from penetrating under the threshold.

Heating Tip #9: Lower your thermostat.

Set the furnace thermostat at 68 degrees or lower.

Heating Tip #10: Keep your filters clean.

Replace heating-system filters monthly. A dirty filter restricts air flow and makes the system work harder.