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Our guarantee

Industry-Leading Guarantees to Give You Peace of Mind

At Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning, we know how scary it can be to work with a new contractor. That’s why we offer some industry-leading guarantees – so you feel as comfortable as possible when choosing to work with us.
Whenever you work with Us as your Northern California air conditioning professionals, you can expect the following guarantees to protect you:

On Time

We’ll perform any service or repairs you need 24/7/365. And, if we’re just one minute late for your scheduled appointment, for any reason, the cost of your service that day is on us.

Property Protection & Client Respect Guarantee

Our AC repair professionals are the most skilled in the industry, and you can count on them to protect your property from any damage

Straightforward Pricing

Our technician will analyze the situation, propose several solutions, and provide the cost for each. Before any work is performed, you will have the opportunity to approve the type and cost of repair performed.

Total comfort

Whatever HVAC system is installed in your home, you can count on it to heat and cool your home to your exact specifications for the next 5 years

Drug & Alcohol Free

Each employee that works with us undergoes an extensive number of background checks and is subject to random drug testing. You can count on them to be clean whenever they work in your home.

100% Repair Quality Guarantee

We make quality repairs we intend to last for years. Sometimes, however, they fall apart early than expected. If your repair fails during the current heating/cooling season, we’ll do it again at no additional charge to you.

“No Lemon” Guarantee

When you do need a new air conditioner or furnace, we guaranteed your air conditioner will work for 5 years and your furnace for 10. If your system fails before those time periods expire, you receive a replacement system at no additional charge.

You’ll have a difficult time finding another HVAC contractor who provides all of these guarantees in the same place. If you need your air conditioning repaired and you’re in Sacramento area, contact Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning online or call (916) 224-9544