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Ductless Air Conditioning Services

When you are considering installing air conditioning to a home without an existing ductwork system, one option is a split HVAC system or ductless air conditioning options. These split or mini-split air conditioning systems are useful in a number of residential and commercial buildings such as older homes, multi-family residences or repurposed office spaces where it may not be feasible to install a typical ductwork system. Ductless AC systems are great for localized air treatment, providing zoned comfort with individual thermostat controls. This feature offers energy savings in using the air conditioner in various rooms only when occupied because the air conditioner is only heating a small space it adjusts more quickly than a central air system.

Split HVAC systems or ductless AC units have been used for efficient cooling in commercial buildings for over twenty years and offer advantages for residential applications. One advantage of split or ductless air conditioning is that this type of system is very energy efficient. With systems requiring ductwork, up to twenty percent of your treated air may be lost through the ductwork, especially if it isn’t insulated. Even if it is insulated, the ductwork still absorbs a portion of the heated or cooled air temperature. Portable room air conditioners and window air conditioners are also ductless air conditioning units however a split HVAC system is a more adaptable permanent solution when central air is not an option. A ductless heat pump can provide efficient energy for both heating and cooling with the use of a newer coolant that is more environmentally friendly. Depending on the size and rating of your ductless system, a ductless mini split system could run off either 110 or 220 volt AC power. With many models of ductless or split heat pump systems to choose from, you can find systems that will handle up to four zones connected to one outdoor unit. For larger residential buildings, several units may be needed. Factory Authorized Bryant and Carrier dealers are equipped to answer any questions you may have regarding ductless air conditioning cost and installation options. While cost depends on the size and model of the system that your application calls for, any additional expense associated with ductless air conditioning cost may well be balanced over time in energy efficiency and fuel cost savings.

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